• LPEA Policies

    100 Series Policies - Guiding the Actions of the LPEA Board of Directors

    101 Policy Formulation and Approval
    102 Functions of the Board of Directors
    103 Delegations of Authority from Board of Directors to Chief Executive Officer
    104 Board of Directors - Chief Executive Officer Relationship
    105 Offers to Acquire all or Substantially All of La Plata Electric Association, Inc. Assets
    106 Political Activity
    109 Director Education and Compensation, Insurance and Travel of Directors
    110 Committees of the Board of Directors
    117 Disclosure of Cooperative Information
    119 Statement of Functions for Cooperative Attorney
    120 Filling Board Vacancies
    122 Director Attendance of Outside Meetings
    126 Professional Conduct During Board of Director Meetings
    127 Director Elections and Annual Meeting Voting Procedures
    128 Establishing Board of Director Districts
    129 Code of Ethics and Conduct


    200 Series Policies - Guiding LPEA's Financial Management and Practices

    201 Financial Goals
    203 Disposition of Unclaimed Capital Credits
    205 Allocation & Retirement of Patronage Capital
    207 Investment of General Funds
    211 Internal Control of General Funds
    212 Identity Theft Prevention
    214 Rate Policy
    215 AMI Opt-out Program


    300 Series Policies - Guiding the Actions of LPEA's Operations

    301 Vegetation Management
    302 Scholarship Programs
    303 Renewable Generation Funds
    313 Reimbursement for Damages
    355 Overhead Power Line Encroachments
    359 Renewable Generation and Environmental Attributes
    363 Regulations Governing Complaints
    364 Regulations Governing Change of Tariffs, Rules, and Regulations
    366 Community Solar Garden
    367 Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management Programs
    368 On Bill Financing for Energy Efficiency


    400 Series Policies - Guiding LPEA's Employee Relations

    401 Employee Expense Accounts
    402 Mandatory Absence Requirement
    414 Safety
    415 Sexual Harassment