• LPEA Policies and Regulations

    The following are the Policies adopted by the Board of Directors of La Plata Electric Association, Inc. (LPEA), and while LPEA strives to keep these Policies current, it cannot guarantee that the Policies as they appear on this web site are the most recent amendment due to timing of action by the Board of Directors and the time necessary to place the most current Policies onto the web site. LPEA recommends that anyone relying on the Policies as posted below contact LPEA directly to determine if more current amendments have been passed. LPEA Polices are intended to inform LPEA's membership and not for the use by the General Public.

    LPEA Policies


    LPEA's Board of Directors is proposing 10 questions related to the revision of LPEA's Bylaws. These will be included on the ballot sent to the membership on April 17, 2018.

    Electric Service Regulations (official, signed)

    Miscellaneous Fees

    Line Extension Policy

    Request to Inspect or Copy LPEA Corporate Records


    Tri-State Generation and Transmission Policies

    The following policies may not be the most current available. We will attempt to keep them up to date as they change.