• Convectair Heaters

    Allegro 18Member-owners with all-electric homes or businesses seeking alternative space heating options can now explore Convectair heaters through LPEA.

    “Convectair heaters have been providing consistent, even temperature control in European homes for more than 20 years,” says Suzy Bynum, LPEA energy management advisor. “They offer a safe, affordable alternative to baseboard or portable space heaters, also complementing our members’ ETS installations.”

    Convectair heating units naturally draw in the cool air along the floor and reheat it, using a highly efficient patented heating element. The heated air rises in the unit and is gently diffused through the grilles at the top. This circulation process is known as the "chimney effect." Natural acceleration pushes the hot air to the front of the unit rather than towards the wall, and helps the heat to spread evenly throughout the entire room.

    Equipped with state-of-the-art electronic thermostats, Convectair heaters are wall mounted and plug into any 120-volt outlet, plus 240 volt models are also available. The various designs feature a slim profile and children or pets cannot reach the heating element.

    To learn more, contact Suzy Bynum in Durango at 970.382.3506, or in Pagosa Springs, call Debbie Bass, 970.382.7722.

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