All-Electric New Construction Bonus - RESIDENTIAL

LPEA offers a $500 bonus to residential members building new all-electric homes. 

A recent study by Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) explores the benefits of going all electric. "SWEEP estimates that by eliminating the cost of the gas piping to the new home, the total initial cost of an all-electric new home with these efficient electric appliances will be about the same or slightly less than the cost of a gas-heated home with gas appliances. In addition, the annual heating costs (including hot water) for an all-electric home will be about 10% less than for the gas home, and the all-electric home’s carbon emissions will be about 60% less.

By installing electric space heating, an electric water heater, an electric cooktop/oven, and an electric clothes dryer, LPEA members are eligible for this $500 bonus on top of the other rebates available for each specific equipment type.

Program requirements:

  • Primary source of heat must be electric and sized to provide heat to the entire home (propane/natural gas backup is acceptable)
  • Water heater must be electric (this includes standard electric resistance, heat pump, and desuperheaters)
  • All major appliances must be electric (cooktop, oven, dryer)
  • Electric vehicles not required

Application instructions/requirements 

  • Complete the form below. You will need to upload:
    • Proof of Purchase for all electric features (Receipts, photos, or spec sheets).
    • Copy of Certificate of Occupancy. 
  • Submit applications within 90 days of completed installation or certificate of occupancy (new construction).

PDF Form

Applications typically take 8-10 weeks to process and are remitted as a check.  

Having trouble submitting your rebate? E-mail us at