LPEA Construction Projects

LPEA regularly conducts infrastructure improvement projects to deliver more reliable power. If a project impacts your property, we will notify you in advance via call, text, email, and/or letter. Our crews always aim to minimize the impact of projects on the landowners involved. Scroll down below the map for more details on this year's construction projects. 

For more details on LPEA's construction policies around tree trimming and right-of-way clearing, visit our Vegetation Management Program page.

LPEA Construction Map

This map shows active projects in LPEA’s service territory, including line surveying, tree trimming, and construction work. Click the asterisks to learn more about each project. To locate a specific address, type it into the search box in the upper right, and the map will zoom to the address. 

Map Legend:
Blue = Line Survey
Red = Construction Project
Green = Tree Trimming

*PRO TIP: If the map view gets too big or too small, click the "home" button in the upper-left corner to re-center the view.


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