Timer Rebates & Programmable Thermostats Rebates - RESIDENTIAL

LPEA members are eligible for rebates on any device controlling significant electric equipment. This includes - but is not limited to - heating/cooling, water heaters, heat tape, pumps/motors, and significant lighting loads. Devices may include digital timers or analog timers, programmable thermostats, smart thermostats, or other load-control devices.

While not required, LPEA members are encouraged to schedule these devices to avoid operating during LPEA peak hours to take advantage of potential savings.

We will rebate our members as follows:

  • $25 per programmable thermostat or timer
  • $75 per smart thermostat controlling electric load

Timer rebates are not to exceed 50% of equipment costs. Limit two smart thermostat rebates per member account, with the exception of line voltage smart thermostats, which are limited to five per member account

Application instructions/requirements

  • Complete the form below. You will need to upload:
    • Copies or photos of the receipts for all purchases.
  • Submit applications within 90 days of completed installation or certificate of occupancy (new construction).
  • Timers and thermostats for natural gas and propane heating (even with an electric blower) do not qualify.

PDF Form

Applications typically take 8-10 weeks to process and are remitted as a bill credit.

Having trouble submitting your rebate? E-mail us at rebates@lpea.coop.