In the high-voltage demonstration, LPEA lineworkers use a special trailer with electric poles, transformers, and power lines to demonstrate how electricity works, how power outages happen, and why electrical safety is important. It's also designed to show a lineworker’s day on the job - whether it's a normal day or working to restore power. This demo can be used for any age group, whether it's elementary school kids or adults.  


  • How an electrical arc can happen 
  • What causes your lights to blink 
  • What an electrical contact can look like 
  • How to prevent electrical accidents in the home and business 
  • Safety around power lines 
  • What to do if a car accident involves power lines 
  • Call 811 before digging 

There is no cost for a presentation. If you are looking for a way to teach your employees, student groups, or others about electrical safety, please book a demo at our headquarters by clicking the blue button below. Additionally, to schedule a demonstration at your business, fill out our online form below or email us at