Interconnection Process & Checklist for Installers  

Step 1:  Submit an Interconnection Application  

Required documents for application submittal: 

* The member must have an account number prior to submitting an application. 

Step 2:  LPEA Engineering Review (2-4 weeks)  

LPEA Renewables and Engineering teams review Interconnection Application for completeness and for compliance with requirements.  

  • Interconnection request approved


  • Certain requirements must be completed prior to obtaining approval for interconnection.  

Note: LPEA Engineering approval valid for 12 months. Projects must be placed in service wtihin 12 months or a new application will be required. 

Step 3:  Installation Process  

  • Construction of system 
    • Review LPEA’s Interconnection Standards prior to installation    
    • Accessible AC disconnect  
    • Production meter (*If applicable please email one week in advance to coordinate meter pick up. Meter socket provided by installer.)   
  • State Electrical Inspection  

Step 4:  Submit Completion Documents 

**IMPORTANT: Systems may NOT be energized until final completion documents are received and LPEA grants permission to operate.  

Email the below documents to

Step 5: LPEA Final Inspection  

LPEA performs Final Inspection within two weeks of receiving final completion documents from step four.  

  • Installers may be required to be present at final inspection   
  • Certificate of Completion will be issued upon LPEA approval