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You can save $400 to $1,000 a year in fuel costs by switching to an EV, while decreasing maintenance costs, and increasing the air quality in and around your home.

Considering an electric vehicle? Start here! LPEA is your resource for electric vehicles, electric vehicle charging and planning ahead. Browse EV models available, find public charging, and even calculate your potential $$ savings by switching from gas to electric. 

Learn More About Electric Vehicles Free charger FAQ 


To help make the future of transportation electric, LPEA offers home chargers and installation rebates for any LPEA member who owns or leases an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid EV. For home chargers, members have two options:

Option #1 – Get a FREE Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger from LPEA

  • FREE Level 2 plug-in chargers for home use ($700 value each). Up to two chargers available per member, must have two EVs.
  • Up to $500 (not to exceed 50% of costs before tax) for plug installation.
  • Participants must maintain Wi-Fi connectivity and an active connection in LPEA program.

Interested in getting a FREE Level 2 Charger from LPEA?  Start with the FAQ.   

Free charger FAQ 

More questions are answered at the bottom of this page, after the application.

Option #2 – Purchase your own charger

  • Up to $250 (not to exceed 50% of the combined charger PLUS installation costs before tax) for the independent purchase of a Level 2 charger + installation costs. 


Application instructions/requirements

  • Complete the form below. You will need to upload:
    • EV bill of sale or registration. Ownership of an EV is required to receive any rebate. *Note: Vehicle reservations do not qualify as proof of purchase.
    • Electrician or materials invoice (can be submitted with the application below or later via email within 90 days).
    • Charger purchase receipt, if Option 2
    • Photo of the installed charger.
    • Photo of electric service.
    • IRS W-9 form completed by the member/rebate recipient. IF receiving rebate check for installation and/or charger purchase. A W9 is kept on file by LPEA as proof of the allocation of funds. Any tax liability is the responsibility of the rebate recipient. 
  • Submit applications within 90 days of completed installation or certificate of occupancy (new construction).
  • Two chargers will only be given to a member with two EVs.
  • Installations must take place in LPEA’s service territory.
  • Free charger participants must maintain WiFi connectivity and an active connection in the LPEA program. The equipment will schedule charging times when electricity is cheapest, but this can be overridden by the user at any time.

Ready to apply? Please note: Charger applications take 2-3 business days to process and get back to you.

Fill out the application below. Already applied and following up with additional paperwork, like the electrician’s invoice or photo of the installed charger? You do not need to fill out another application, please email any documents to

PDF Form 

Free EV charger applications typically take a minimum of 2-3 business days to process and receive a response. Rebate applications typically take 8-10 weeks and will be remitted to you as a check. 

EV Charger FAQ

Yes! LPEA gives out FREE level 2 home chargers to any LPEA member who owns or leases an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle. 

1. To get started, you need to be ready to have a 240V outlet on a dedicated 50amp circuit installed in your home. If you have one installed already, you’re ready for a charger. If not, we recommend you contact 2-3 electricians to get a quote.

2. Once you have an outlet installed or an electrician lined up, you must submit an application. At a minimum, you’ll need to provide:

  • A completed and signed application. Application forms are at
  • Proof of purchase/ownership of an electric vehicle. Registration or Bill of Sale is best. Vehicle reservations do not qualify.
  • If you are applying for the installation rebate too, you will need to eventually provide a W9 form completed by you (not a contractor) and an installation invoice from the electrician. 

3. Submit the online rebate form and email it to, mail it to LPEA, OR drop   it by one of our offices.

4. Allow 2-3 business days (Mon-Thu) for applications to be reviewed and processed. Chargers will not be issued the same day.

5. Pick up your free charger at one of our offices, and you’ll receive instructions on how to set up and connect your charger to LPEA’s program. You must complete the connection process as soon as you have it installed.

6. Submit your installation invoice from your electrician as soon as possible (It must be within 90 days of installation to be eligible for rebate).

7. Enjoy charging on a free level 2 charger at home! 

Members who participate in LPEA’s free charger program must maintain an active Wi-Fi connection and an active connection to LPEA’s program. They agree to allow LPEA access to their charger and charging data. LPEA wants to learn from members’ charging patterns and needs to make sure we are able to respond to growing demand for electric vehicles on our grid.

Chargers are also programmed to avoid charging during on-peak hours, which saves money for EV drivers and the whole LPEA membership by avoiding high peak power costs.

You need to have a 240V outlet on a dedicated 50amp circuit. The chargers we provide come in two different plug configurations – a NEMA 14-50 and a NEMA 6-50. It doesn’t matter which you put in, both are functionally the same, but you will need to note on your application which plug type you’ll require, so make sure to ask your electrician. Make sure to have the outlet placed in an accessible location within 12 inches of where you plan to hang the charger. The cord from wall plug to charger is 12”, the cord from charger to vehicle is 23ft. 

We currently provide a ChargePoint Home Flex Level 2 Charger; here’s a datasheet for your reference.

Once you complete the application and provide all the required documentation (assuming chargers are in stock) it typically takes about 2-3 business days (Mon-Thu) to process your paperwork and get a charger ready for you. Allow for an additional day if the charger will be picked up outside of Durango. If chargers are out of stock, we will notify you and then chargers will be provided once available, but we generally try to keep our inventory ready for members. 

It doesn’t matter when you purchased your vehicle, as long as you own one. The 90-day window to qualify for the installation or independently purchased charger is from the date of installation. 

If you have a reservation on a vehicle or are waiting to receive your EV and want to get the electrical work taken care of early, you are welcome to do so. However, if you cannot provide proof of purchase of the vehicle within 90 days of having that work completed, you will not be eligible for the rebate. Reservations do not qualify. You can still get a free charger once you have taken ownership of the vehicle.  

If you would like to purchase your own level 2 charger, you can. LPEA will provide a rebate of up to 50% of the combined cost of the charger + installation, capped at $500 total. This is Option 2 described on the EV charging rebate page of our website. Members who choose this route will not be eligible to receive a free charger in the future. 

Once we give you the charger, it becomes your property. We only require that you maintain an active Wi-Fi connection and connection to LPEA’s program. If you move somewhere in LPEA’s service territory, you should take your charger with you, notify us, and reconnect your charger at your new address and account. 

The free charger is a part of our overall rebate program, even though you’re receiving the charger instead of rebate funds. You’ll use the same application for the free charger as for the rebates.