Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) Heating Rebates - RESIDENTIAL + COMMERCIAL

Electric Thermal Storage, or ETS, is an electric home heating device that can help lower your heating costs by storing heat when electricity costs less, and then releasing heat when it’s needed throughout the day. During off-peak times, when power costs less, it heats up the ceramic bricks. ETS heaters are 100% efficient units designed to provide low-cost heat, 24 hours a day.

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LPEA offers rebates to our members for purchasing ETS heaters as follows: 

  • $50/kW for ETS heater controlled by timers or master control system.
  • $30/kW for Thermal Slab heating controlled by timers or a master control system.
  • Timers are also eligible for a separate rebate.
  • ETS rebates are available while funds last. 

Application instructions/requirements

  1. Complete the form below. You will need to upload:
    1. Copies or photos of the receipts for all purchases.
    2. IRS W-9 form. A W-9 is kept on file by LPEA as proof of the allocation of funds. Any tax liability is the responsibility of the rebate recipient.
  2. Submit applications within 90 days of completed installation or certificate of occupancy (new construction).
  3. Installations must take place in LPEA’s service territory.
  4. Must be a new or replacement installation.
  5. Minimum 1 kW (1,000 watts) capacity heater.
  6. A timing device is required for the use of off-peak hours.
  7. PLC Connect timing devices will require wifi access for proper programming.
  8. LPEA reserves the right to inspect installations.

PDF Form

Having trouble submitting your rebate? E-mail us at rebates@lpea.coop.