What are my rights and responsibilities when there’s a powerline on my property? 

Just because your summer building project isn’t a large one, doesn’t mean you should cut corners! Please check to make sure you are not violating any easements to LPEA’s powerlines (above or below ground) before starting a building project. We have regulations in place to protect our members and when followed correctly, everyone stays safe!

In the case that you have underground or overhead power lines running through your property, LPEA has easements on the land over and under our lines for maintenance and repair purposes. We do not own the land, but we need to be able to access it to maintain our lines.

You still own the property and maintain reasonable use of the land along the easement, but you need to be aware of how your building plans may unreasonably interfere with LPEA’s right-of-way.

In most cases, you CANNOT build a permanent structure within an easement, even though the land is yours. Please be sure to check with LPEA before you begin building any sort of structure on your property.

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