Looking to comfortably heat and cool your home while being more efficient, environmentally friendly, and still save money? Consider a high-efficiency heat pump!

As the name implies, heat pumps transfer heat energy between inside and outside spaces, heating or cooling as desired. So, in the winter, they move heat indoors, and in the summer, they move heat outside. Heat pumps eliminate the need to have two separate systems to perform heating and cooling, and a properly maintained, a high-quality heat pump will last at least 15-20 years. Both ducted and ductless heat pumps provide efficient HVAC solutions for new homes and additions, renovations, adding air conditioning (AC), or consolidating your current HVAC system.

A recent study by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP) finds that heat pumps and cold climate heat pumps are competitive options for home heating in Colorado. “Heat pumps have much lower annual heating costs compared to propane or electric resistance heating.” Making HPs a great option for retrofitting homes with propane or electric resistance heating. When it comes to gas homes, the equation is a little different however the study finds “with current gas prices, the annual heating costs for heat pumps are within about 10% (or about $80/year) of costs for the gas heating alternatives.” SWEEP also addresses the environmental aspect “Because of the steadily declining carbon intensity of Colorado’s electricity grid, heat pumps and HPWHs reduce GHG emissions significantly (by about 55% for heat pumps, and 68% for HPWHs) compared to the gas heating alternatives.

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