*Notice: LPEA is facing material shortages nationwide due to COVID-19. It can now take two months to receive meter panels and transformers, which are the two biggest components of jobs like extending electric service to new homes and upgrading service to existing homes. We are doing our best to serve you amidst these delays. Thank you for your patience!

Residential Accounts

Residential accounts do not require an application. They can be set up over the phone. Contact member services at (970) 247-5786.

Billing Data Authorization Release Form

Standing Order

An LPEA Standing Order is a service offered to landlords for rentals for residential properties only. The intent for establishing a Standing Order is to aid the landlord in protecting their property from problems that might arise from a lapse in power. When a Standing Order is in effect on an account and a tenant requests a disconnect of electricity, the service is immediately put in the name of the landlord. The landlord then pays the LPEA electric bill between renters. All Association charges will apply to the change in service per LPEA Rule No. 20. Those fees would normally be, but are not limited to, a $25.00 administrative fee and a $40.00 service charge to physically read the meter, unless an AMI meter is installed.

  • The landlord is responsible for all bills until the service is changed into the new tenant’s name.
  • We request that landlords inform us if their tenants move without notice.
  • The landlord must cancel the Standing Order when a rental unit is sold or reverts to personal property use.
  • For our records, you need to keep LPEA updated with your current phone number.
  • On-time payment is required or Standing Order will be cancelled.

If a tenant must be disconnected for non-payment of their electric bill, the Standing Order on the account will NOT be implemented. To be reconnected, the landlord must notify LPEA to request a connect and the premises must be vacated by the renter.

If a tenant signs up for a pre-pay meter instead of a standard residential meter, the Standing Order will be cancelled. LPEA will send notification of cancelled order when pre-pay meter is installed.

Standing Order Form

Third Party Notification

A third party may receive notification if an account becomes subject to disconnect. Disconnect can occur any time 10 days after the date on the notice. Beyond this notification, the account holder’s information and privacy will be protected. No other information will be given out concerning the account status.

An example would be a LPEA customer who might be elderly, ill, or handicapped, whose son, daughter, or a close friend would wish to be notified if the account becomes subject to possible disconnect. Also, in certain contractual circumstances where a landlord might require “third party” notification.

Both customer information and signature, along with third party information and signature must be completed. The third-party notification will not be initiated if any part of the form is incomplete or considered to be fraudulent.

Third Party Notification Form

Commercial Application

All commercial accounts require an application to be filled out.

A commercial deposit for service is required if you have not had a commercial account with us within the past 12 months. The deposit is held for 12 consecutive months of good credit, after which time it is automatically refunded by crediting your account. The deposit earns interest during the time we hold it. The interest rate for 2023 is 0.0628% .

The deposit shall be in the form of cash, irrevocable letter of credit from a local bank, or a bond. Contact customer service at (970) 247-5786 for the deposit amount for your location.

The application includes a separate space to sign for membership. La Plata Electric Association, Inc. is a non-profit, consumer-owned electric utility. As such, the Association does not pay federal and state taxes on margins (Capital Credits) which remain at year’s end, provided that 85% or more of all revenue received during the year is paid by consumers who are members of the Association. If member paid revenue drops below the minimum and income taxes are assessed, the increase would be reflected in the electric rates. Your assistance through application for membership is appreciated. It is at no cost or obligation to you. It enables you to vote for the Board of Directors of La Plata Electric Association, Inc. at the annual meeting.

There is a service charge, up to $65, for transferring the service into your name. This is a non-refundable charge, and it will be included on your first billing.

Commercial Application Form