Following are the LPEA Policies, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws as adopted by the LPEA Board of Directors. While we strive to keep this page current, we cannot guarantee the versions posted here are the most recent. To ensure you have the most recent version, please contact LPEA directly at

LPEA Bylaws LPEA Articles of Incorporation


LPEA Policies 

Electric Service Regulations (official, signed)

Electric Service Regulations (searchable, unsigned)

Miscellaneous Fees

Line Extension Policy 

Request to Inspect or Copy LPEA Corporate Records

100 Series Policies - Guiding the Actions of the LPEA Board of Directors

101 Policy Formulation and Approval

102 Functions of the Board of Directors

103 Delegations of Authority from Board of Directors to Chief Executive Officer

104 Board of Directors - Chief Executive Officer Relationship

105 Director Elections and Annual Meeting Voting Procedures

105 Election Supervisory Committee Guidelines

106 Political Activity

107 Campaign Finance Reporting Requirements - 2021 Director Candidate Disclosure Form: Standard PDF  Fillable PDF

108 Disclosure of Cooperative Information

109 Director Education and Compensation, Insurance and Travel of Directors

110 Committees of the Board of Directors

111 Virtual Meetings and Attendance by Electronic Means

112 Procedures for Introducing Bylaw Amendments Petition form for LPEA Bylaw Amendment 

113 Director Recall Petitions Petition form for Director Recall

119 Statement of Functions for Cooperative Attorney

120 Filling Board Vacancies

122 Director Attendance of Outside Meetings

126 Professional Conduct During Board of Director Meetings

128 Establishing Board of Director Districts

129 Code of Ethics and Conduct

200 Series Policies - Guiding LPEA's Financial Management and Practices

201 Financial Management and Goals

203 Disposition of Unclaimed Capital Credits

205 Allocation & Retirement of Patronage Capital

207 Investment of General Funds

211 Internal Control of General Funds

212 Identity Theft Prevention

214 Rate Policy

215 AMI Opt-out Program

300 Series Policies - Guiding the Actions of LPEA's Operations

303 Renewable Generation Funds

304 On-Bill Financing for Energy Efficiency and Beneficial Electrification

313 Reimbursement for Damages

359 Renewable Generation and Environmental Attributes

363 Regulations Governing Complaints

364 Regulations Governing Change of Tariffs, Rules, and Regulations

366 Community Solar Garden Program

367 Energy Efficiency and Demand-Side Management Programs