LPEA rents and installs street lighting on existing service poles.* The monthly service charge for the light starts at $12.09 and goes up depending on the wattage of the light. Any applicable taxes are additional, but the electricity is not registered on the meter. Contact customer service at (970) 247-5786 for more information.


Rate per Month

Service Light (Approx. 5,200 Lumens)     $12.09

Small Light (Approx. 5,800 Lumens)        $14.27

Medium Light (Approx. 9,000 Lumens)    $22.48

Large Light (Approx. 12,000 Lumens)      $31.09


These rates are subject to change. For the most up-to-date rates, visit www.lpea.com/electric-energy-rates.


*LPEA does not conduct any maintenance or servicing on lights owned by customers. We recommend you contact an experienced electrician.