Electric Thermal Storage

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) heaters are 100% efficient units designed to provide low-cost heat, 24 hours a day. By using electricity during LPEA’s Time-of-Use off-peak hours (times during the day and night when use is lower and electricity is cheaper), ETS units provide cheaper heating than most other energy sources. For example, here is a heating cost estimate for a 2000 square foot home. 

During off-peak hours, the ETS unit’s heating elements convert electricity to heat which is stored in high-density ceramic bricks. The bricks are surrounded by high-efficiency insulation which allows them to hold great amounts of heat for long periods of time. A fan evenly and quietly distributes the heat to your home during higher cost, on-peak hours. Built-in thermostats allow you to easily maintain the desired temperature. 

For more details on how ETS works, check out our ETS User Guide: 

ETS User Guide

LPEA's rebate program makes ETS heat even more affordable by offering you credits based on the number and size of ETS heaters you purchase. For more details, visit our ETS rebate page: 

ETS Rebate Page