2023 Board of Directors Election 

In accordance with our bylaws, one-third of LPEA’s Board of Directors seats are up for election annually, one in each voting district.  

2023 Election Timeline:  

February 8, 2023: Board Director Candidate Packets available  
April 10, 2023: Candidate packets due to LPEA  
May 3, 2023: Ballots mailed to all LPEA members  
June 7, 2023: Ballots due  
June 8, 2023: LPEA Annual Meeting  
June 14, 2023: First board meeting for new directors 
June 19, 2023: Final Director Candidate Financial Disclosure Forms due 

2023 Election Details: Directors are elected for three-year terms. Incumbent directors up for re-election in 2023 are:   

District 1 – Archuleta County: Bob Lynch 
District 2 – South and West La Plata County: John Lee 
District 3 – City of Durango: Rachel Landis 
District 4 – North and East La Plata County: Sue McWilliams 

To be eligible to run for the LPEA Board of Directors, candidates must:   

  • be a member of LPEA for at least one year immediately prior to becoming a director;   
  • be a bona fide resident of the district you plan to represent for at least 120 days prior to becoming a director and;  
  • not be employed by, or have a spouse or child employed by, LPEA in any position.  

A complete list of director qualifications can be reviewed in the LPEA Bylaws.  

On March 16, 2022 (and for the first time since 2004), the LPEA Board of Directors voted to cancel the 2022 LPEA director election in all four districts. For the news release on this announcement, click HERE.

Per LPEA Bylaws, one seat in each of LPEA's four districts comes up for election annually. If there is only one nominee for a position on the board for a district, the board may cancel the election for that district and, by resolution, declare the sole nominee elected to the board. 

As no challenger applications were received, Holly Metzler (District 1 – Archuleta County), Dan Huntington (District 2 – South & West La Plata County), Joe Lewandowski (District 3 – City of Durango), and John Witchel (District 4 – North & East La Plata County) are re-elected as a director of their respective districts as of May 12, 2022, for a three-year term. Click the links above to access the candidate's signature sheets as required to run for a director seat.

2021 Board of Directors Election

In accordance with our bylaws, one-third of LPEA’s Board of Directors seats are up for election annually, one in each voting district. On June 17th, 2021, the results of the LPEA 2021 director election were announced at a partial, virtual annual meeting. 

Final vote counts

Candidate Campaign Finance Reports (FINAL): 

2020 Board of Directors Election - District 4

On September 16th, 2020, John Witchel was elected to the director seat in District 4 in compliance with Art. III, Sec. 7 of the LPEA Bylaws and LPEA Board Policy 120. He will fill the position vacated by Director Jack D. Turner until the expiration of Director Turner’s original term, occurring at the Annual Member Meeting in 2022.

On May 16th, 2020, the results of the LPEA 2020 director election were announced at the partial, virtual annual meeting. The official election results announcement can be found HERE

Final 2020 director election ballot count 

Candidate Campaign Finance Reports: