Cheers to our Engineers: Celebrating Professional Engineer's Day at LPEA
LPEA Engineer Day
Date Published

Part of the LPEA vision is to be an innovative forward-thinking industry leader. As such, we employ 6 professional engineers. All but one received this designation while they were working at LPEA. This requires a degree and working under an engineer for four years before you can take the Professional Engineer test. 👏🏽 Nice work! 

Additionally, our staking engineers help power our members by bringing power from the grid to the member’s meter. We thank both groups for the work they do to keep our community-powered up.  

This Professional Engineer's Day we want to recognize the invaluable contributions of our LPEA engineering team. This special day raises awareness about what it means to be an Engineer and calls out our appreciation for the important work they do every day.  

Our engineers at LPEA play a crucial role in ensuring the reliable and efficient distribution of energy to our members. They bring their expertise and dedication to various areas, contributing to the success of our organization. Here are a few of the many intricate tasks our engineers do: 

1. Power Distribution: Our engineers are responsible for designing and maintaining the electrical distribution systems that power our communities. They work on projects to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of electricity to our members. 

2. Renewable Energy: LPEA is committed to promoting sustainable energy solutions. Our engineers are at the forefront of developing and implementing renewable energy projects, such as solar and wind power, to reduce our carbon footprint and provide clean energy alternatives. 

3. System Planning: Our engineers analyze and plan for the future growth and development of our electrical infrastructure. They assess the needs of our members and communities, ensuring that our systems can meet the increasing demand for electricity. 

4. Smart Grid Technology: Oftentimes the answer is about being smarter and more strategic and not about building large and expensive infrastructure. Our engineers work on implementing smart grid solutions, such as advanced metering infrastructure and automated systems, to improve monitoring, control, and communication within our network to reduce energy consumption during peak events.  

5. Safety and Compliance: Safety is a top priority at LPEA, and our engineers are constantly implementing new safety measures to keep our employees and community safe. One of our recent system upgrades was implementing new technology to reduce the risk of causing a wildfire on Red Flag Warning days. Our system is smart enough to shut off power when anything encounters our lines, reducing the risk of starting a fire.  

On this Professional Engineer's Day, we extend our gratitude to our talented engineering team at LPEA. Their expertise, dedication, and innovation are instrumental in powering our communities and driving us towards a sustainable future. Join us in celebrating the achievements and contributions of our engineers!