Heads up! Equipment shortages impacting LPEA 
Date Published

Here in rural southwest Colorado, we are not immune to the supply chain issues impacting industries across the United States. Electric utilities like LPEA are feeling the pinch, with record-low stock and record-long wait times for key materials like wire, transformers, and electric meters.  

These materials are key components in extending electric service to new homes and upgrading services to existing homes and can mean delays for LPEA and our members. 

There are multiple chokepoints in the supply chain, including staffing shortages, a lack of manufacturing capacity, a shortage of raw materials, a lack of transportation resources, extreme weather events, and geopolitical conflicts.  

To minimize the impact of these shortages on our members, LPEA has been: 

  1. Planning ahead. We foresaw these shortages back in 2020 and began ordering and storing extra inventory to prepare. Unfortunately, the shortages lasted longer and are more widespread than expected. 

  2. Seeking alternative manufacturers. We’ve been working together with our primary distributor Western United to create new partnership to source materials. 

  3. Seeking alternative products. Our staff is trained to recommend alternatives and we are actively working to find alternate products and manufactures.  

Regardless of our efforts, members should be prepared. If you’re planning on breaking ground on any new construction, your job may be delayed due to widespread material shortages. We are doing our best to continue serving you amidst these delays. Thank you for your patience. 

Find more information on new construction projects here.