LPEA's new mobile substation
Mobile substation manufactured by efacec and owned by LPEA
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In recent years, the electric utility industry has seen significant changes in the way power is generated, transmitted, and distributed. The increasing demand and need to improve the power grid's reliability and efficiency have led to innovative solutions, but mobile substations are still needed to maintain reliability. 

Mobile substations are self-contained units that can be easily transported and quickly deployed to restore power during emergencies or to provide temporary power during planned outages or maintenance. They continue to play a critical role in the electric utility industry, providing a flexible and innovative power delivery solution.  

LPEA is proud to have officially added a new mobile substation to our fleet, increasing our count to two. This new 69/46 kV mobile substation will first be headed to the Pagosa Springs substation, where it will be used while we perform upgrades to the current substation.  

The versatility of these apparatuses has added bonuses for deployment when and where it is needed. Depending on the system requirements, these substations are designed to operate as standalone or can be connected to the existing substation. While mobile substations are versatile, efficient, and useful, they are also a cost-effective solution for power delivery. They require less capital investment than permanent substations, making them a practical solution for utilities that want to keep their budget in mind.  

The substation can be fully operational quickly, making it an ideal solution for a range of obstacles we may face.  

After its deployment in Pagosa, it will serve as a backup for emergencies or planned maintenance. Operators anticipate it being used at least once a year, for maintenance and upgrades to our current substations. It can also be deployed during severe weather events, power failures, or even for shifting electrical loads.  

This new mobile substation is just another way LPEA is bringing more reliable, cost-friendly, and efficient power to its members.