Our Board approved a Tri-State pass-through rate increase at the December 13th board meeting that will be effective for LPEA members on January 1, 2024. Our wholesale power supplier, Tri-State, has imposed a 6.2% rate increase on LPEA, which will need to be passed through to our members. The LPEA membership will see an average increase of 4%, but the actual percentage per member will vary by account based on the specific rate schedule and individual usage patterns. 

We know it’s concerning to hear electricity rates are going up. But we want you to know there are options to take control and likely lower your monthly bill. LPEA’s optional Time-of-Use rate can help combat rising costs by charging lower rates during "off-peak" periods. 
Because of impressive financial stewardship at all levels of our organization, LPEA will not need to raise our rates for a third year in a row, even though inflation has increased significantly. I’m very proud of our staff’s efforts and want to thank everyone for their role in controlling costs and making smart decisions on where our members’ dollars go.  

Jessica Matlock