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La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) is committed to “the fairness of elections, impartiality, confidentiality, transparency, and integrity of the voting process” as per LPEA Policy 105. The independent Election Supervisory Committee (ESC), tasked with ensuring a fair and honest LPEA director election, found this week that Bill Waters violated LPEA Policy 105 in his bid for a seat on the LPEA Board of Directors. Mr. Waters is running against Ted Compton, both new candidates vying for the District 3 board seat representing the City of Durango.

LPEA Policy 105 states that “Resources of the Cooperative, including the Cooperative’s logo, trademarks, and graphic standards, shall not be used to support or oppose a candidate for election.” After receiving several complaints from LPEA members, the independent ESC convened and found that a door hanger produced by Bill Waters used the LPEA logo in violation of Policy 105, giving the impression that Mr. Waters is endorsed by LPEA. 

As a cooperative electric association, LPEA is prohibited by Colorado law from endorsing or opposing a candidate for a position on its Board of Directors. LPEA does not endorse Mr. Waters or any other candidate for its board.