Open enrollment for Budget Billing is now through the end of June!
Budget Billing
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Tired of not being able to predict what your LPEA bill will be each month? LPEA's Budget Billing program helps you avoid seasonal highs and lows with an even monthly payment.

To be eligible for this free program you must:

  • have had an account in your name for at least one year at the same service address.
  • have an acceptable credit history.
  • have a residential account (commercial accounts are not eligible).
  • enroll in the program in May or June of each year.

Watch the video to learn how to enroll through your SmartHub portal, or call us at 970-247-5786 and we'll get you set up!

Your Budget Billing amount is calculated in May based on your average utility bill across 12 months of use. Any bill credits, or amounts remaining at the end of each year, must be settled before restarting the program for another year.

If your use patterns dramatically increase or decrease during the billing year (i.e. you have a new roommate, added a hot tub, or completed some home improvement projects impacting your energy efficiency levels) please contact us to recalculate your monthly average (970) 247-5786.