Application period now open for 2023 LPEA director election
2023 BOD Elections
Date Published

LPEA members interested in running for a seat on the LPEA Board of Directors are now welcome to apply here. To be considered, prospective candidates must submit all completed materials by 1 p.m. on April 10, 2023.   

To be eligible to run for the LPEA Board of Directors, candidates must: 

  • be a member of LPEA for at least one year immediately prior to becoming a director; 
  • be a bona fide resident of the district you plan to represent for at least 120 days prior to becoming a director and; 
  • not be employed by, or have a spouse or child employed by, LPEA in any position. 

In accordance with LPEA bylaws, one-third of LPEA’s Board of Directors seats are up for election annually, one in each voting district. Directors are elected for three-year terms. Incumbent directors up for re-election in 2023 are Bob Lynch (District 1 – Archuleta County), John Lee (District 2 – South and West La Plata County), Rachel Landis (District 3 – City of Durango), and Sue McWilliams (District 4 – North and East La Plata County). 

Eligible candidates will be added to the official ballot to be mailed to LPEA members in early May. Mail-in ballots will be due on June 7, 2023, and the election results will be announced at LPEA’s Annual Meeting on June 8, 2023. In-person voting will also be available at the Annual Meeting. For details about serving on the LPEA Board of Directors and the director election process, go here.