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Did you know that more than 100 people in your community work around the clock to keep your lights on and your power flowing? 

We don't often think about electricity, but Careers in Energy Week aims to raise awareness of the exciting, reliable, and increasing jobs available across the energy industry. 

If you've ever considered working in a new field, ours is worth checking out, especially with changes coming from recent legislation

Here's just a small sampling of some of the jobs being conducted by your neighbors here at LPEA. 

Jonathan Zick - IT Technician 

I came to LPEA after 20 years in the printing industry. It was time for a career change and now I help the IT team with help desk duties and end-user management. My favorite part of working in the energy industry is doing my very small part to help keep the lights on for our members. 


Jenny J Taylor - Communications Manager 

I'm a Durango native and was living in Denver when I saw this job pop up at LPEA during COVID. I thought to myself, "I can have a 'real job' with great benefits and pay and live in Durango? Sign me up!" That was almost three years ago, and I've loved working in the energy industry ever since. I started as a Visual Commutation Specialist, where my tasks included graphic design, brand/identity, photography, and videography. Now, as a manager of the Communications Team at LPEA, I still do a lot of those production tasks, but now I have way more meetings. My favorite part of working in energy is that there's always something new to learn, so you never get bored! The people that work in this industry are rad too. 

Cassie Klausner - Renewable Energy Advisor 

I am very passionate about sustainability and meeting our own needs without compromising the health of future generations. After receiving a bachelor's degree in sustainability, I found LPEA's Renewable Energy position, which would allow me to be a part of the solar revolution. I now get to be a part of each solar panel project that is put up in our area. My favorite part of my job is working hands-on with installers and members that have the same passion for solar as I do. 

Monica Rodriguez - Controller 

My dad was a part of the LPEA co-op family, and so I knew that was something that I wanted to be a part of as well. As the Controller, I oversee the accounting operations for the company and help ensure the financial health of the co-op. 

Sue Maxwell - Energy Management Specialist 

I started at LPEA in June 2007 as a Project Specialist, using my financial analyst experience to gather electric data and to assess the load profile (use patterns) of specific LPEA member groups, fine-tuning the energy efficiency programs and the electric rates offered by LPEA. Today, I continue to help residential and commercial members to better understand, manage, assess and troubleshoot their actual electric consumption, using their actual metered data, mostly focusing on their hourly electric load profile and in some cases their 15-minute interval data. Also, I work one on one with individual members to clearly see how their rooftop solar generation is performing, compared to their electric consumption, each hour, day and night, 24/7. I appreciate that LPEA provides an essential service to everyone in our community "LPEA is a part of everything you do." 

Rachel Schur - Energy Resource Engineering Manager 

I was an LPEA scholarship recipient in 2005 and went to school at FLC and CSU for Mechanical Engineering. I interned at LPEA in college and got to know the electrical industry. I now work managing our advanced metering system and overseeing the meter shop. It's been very fascinating seeing the advances in metering and what we can do with the hourly interval data from all our meters to help us plan better for the future. I really enjoy working in an industry that is necessary to everyone and one in which we are constantly looking for better and better ways to improve how we produce and supply electricity to our members. 

Dominic May - Energy Resource Program Architect 

I graduated from FLC with a B.A. in philosophy and from the University of Economics in Prague with an economics degree. I now focus on the grid of the future at LPEA. This includes establishing communication between devices, control of their energy use, and designing programs to promote these capabilities. The industry is in an exciting time, riding on the bleeding edge of a paradigm shift towards clean energy and the need to accommodate massive electrification of everything from vehicles to home heating. As a cooperative, our incentive is to transparently do what's in the best interest of the membership, not investors. Co-ops can be small enough to be nimble and often have the local backing to get things done. With a great team at LPEA, we can consistently punch above our weight class in deploying innovative technologies, rate designs, and programs.