Smart Meters + SmartHub = smart savings
Smart Meters
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A great deal has changed in the 81 years since LPEA was incorporated and we aim to keep up with advancements to better serve you, our members.

As one example, LPEA replaced our outdated analog meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), or “Smart Meters.” Smart Meters are digital, electric meters that wirelessly provide secure, two-way communication between the meter and the LPEA server. They are especially beneficial for our terrain, with its mountainous and remote areas. Smart Meters record information such as consumption of electric energy, voltage levels, current, and power factor. They typically record energy use in near real-time, and report regularly, in short intervals throughout the day.

Three key benefits of Smart Meters:

1. More data on your energy use can help you adjust consumption habits and save money. Smart Meters allow our members and staff to troubleshoot high-bill issues by providing detailed data on power consumption patterns, outage and blink count history, and voltage information. Thanks to Smart Meters and SmartHub – LPEA’s free online account management tool – you can access detailed information about your electricity use and find tools to manage it. Access real-time usage data, manage your account, pay your bill, report issues, and set up notifications regarding your electric usage all via your phone or computer. Sign up by creating an account online at or call us at 970-247-5786.

2. Automated meter readings eliminate bill “estimates” and save on meter-reading costs. Smart Meters produce significant savings to LPEA members by reducing meter reading and administration expenses. They also improve billing accuracy, eliminating misreads or inaccurate readings. LPEA’s meters are programmed to retrieve voltage and kilowatt-hour readings.

3. Automated reporting means quicker more efficient outage restoration. Smart Meters provide LPEA with important diagnostics to help increase power quality, increase ways to optimize the electrical system, and pinpoint outages. Meters notify our dispatch team immediately in the event of meter tampering and pinpoint the exact location of outages.

Very little radio frequency (RF) power is emitted from the meters. LPEA’s Tantalus meters are tested in accordance with Title 47, Part 15b of the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, and have been certified by the FCC. When the meter is transmitting, the exposure to radio frequencies is 25,000 times less than the exposure limits set by the FCC.

Smart Meters send their data through a secure communications system. Unlike social media or emails, none of your information is sent through the internet. No personal information is stored or transmitted by your meter – only data relating to your energy usage. In this and all matters, LPEA takes every possible precaution to keep your personal information safe and secure.

For more information and to create an account, visit or call us at 970-247-5786.