2021 LPEA lineworkers of the year  
lineworker of the year
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In 2021, LPEA is giving our first-ever “Lineworker of the Year” award, and what better way to round out the year than to celebrate some of the heroes of last month’s storms! The award is based on safety practices, leadership, efficiency, collaboration, and innovation. The winners were selected by a vote of their peers, dispatchers, and supervisors.   

After last month’s storms, every one of our lineworkers, dispatchers, and operations supervisors deserves recognition for their exemplary performance. Lack of sleep, terrible weather, and freezing temperatures did not slow anyone down from doing their best, and not one incident or accident occurred! During the first storm we had roughly two teams of seven chasing outages at all times, rotating to allow rest after long shifts. Restoring power to over 10,000 members in almost 24 hours with only seven groups at a time is incredible!   

The 2021 LPEA Lineman of the year award for Archuleta County goes to Brent Tanner, a man who has worked at LPEA for 32 years. A soft-spoken role model who has a tireless work ethic and is knowledgeable yet modest, he has a soft spot for volunteering in the community, and rumor has it that he plans to retire in 2022.  

The 2021 LPEA Lineman of the year award for La Plata County goes to Clinton Peak. Clinton maintains a strong focus on safety and member satisfaction. He's a great leader and looks for constant improvement in all areas of linework. He always has a positive attitude and takes great pride in the craft.  

Congratulations Brent and Clinton!