Snow and electricity: How to keep your power flowing
snow damage
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Dealing with large quantities of snow can be a challenge. I know our backs are sore from the constant shoveling required during recent snowstorms. But before we rest, there’s one more important thing to remember when clearing your driveways and walkways – clear your LPEA electric equipment.   

If LPEA’s equipment on your property is damaged due to snow, you are liable for the cost of repairs. If you want to avoid this and keep the power flowing amidst the flakes, and reduce your outage time if the power does go out, here are the steps you need to take:  

1. Clear snow: Don’t forget to clear snow from around LPEA’s electrical equipment, such as transformers, junction boxes, and meter pedestals. This will help prevent snow from melting and causing damage to the equipment and will help LPEA access this equipment in case it needs to be repaired during an outage. 

2. Trim trees: Trim trees near LPEA meters to prevent snow-laden branches from breaking, falling, and causing damage to equipment. 

3. Clear your roof: Accumulated snow on roofs above meter equipment can fall and damage that equipment. Make sure to use proper safety equipment and techniques when clearing snow from roofs or hire a professional. 

4. Plan ahead: Prepare for winter weather by having a plan in place to deal with snow and outages. This may include having backup generators or alternative power sources and the necessary equipment to clear snow and trim trees. 

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