All electric home bonus rebate
All electric home bonus rebate LPEA
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Planning on building a new home this spring? If so, there's an exciting new(ish) opportunity to save money and contribute to a greener future: LPEA's All Electric Home Bonus Rebate. 

This rebate program offers a bonus to builders who construct all-electric homes in LPEA's service territory. All-electric homes use electricity for all their energy needs, including heating, cooling, and cooking, rather than relying on natural gas or other fossil fuels. This means they produce zero carbon emissions from energy use, helping to mitigate climate change. 

The All Electric Home Bonus Rebate provides a $500 bonus to residential members who construct all-electric homes that meet LPEA's energy efficiency standards. This is in addition to LPEA's other energy efficiency rebates, which can help homeowners save money on efficient appliances, insulation, and other energy efficiency upgrades.  

Additional funds may also be available for innovative “model” electrification projects in our service territory. To inquire if your project may qualify, email

By taking advantage of this rebate program, you can help support the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable energy future while enjoying financial benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Electrify and save with LPEA's rebate programs today. 

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