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One of the most rewarding parts of working for LPEA is the opportunity to work with our community to provide energy solutions that bring real benefits. October is Energy Efficiency Month. To celebrate, we want to highlight a local project which helped bring affordable and efficient housing options to Durango.   

Tamarin Square is an apartment complex in downtown Durango that provides affordable housing for seniors and people with disabilities. With the help of Energy Outreach Colorado, which helps more than 25,000 households with their energy bills annually, the property upgraded its units to be more energy-efficient and more affordable to residents.   

Audria Field has been the property manager at Tamarin Square for the last three years and noticed significant savings in their energy bill just from the LED light bulb upgrades. Their energy bill for the entire building (minus the resident's rooms) is less than half of what it was before they switched to LEDs. Residents also noticed lower energy bills thanks to the upgrades. Some also took advantage of LPEA’s optional Time-of-Use rate to further decrease their bill.  

The full upgrade project included the installation or smart elevators, wood floors, Energy Star air conditioners, weatherized sliding glass doors, motion sensor lights, induction cooktops, and a new heating and cooling system. 

LPEA and Tri-State contributed $18,500 in rebates to the project including:  

  • $7,600 in LED lighting rebates  

  • $6,100 in Energy Star appliance and appliance recycling rebates  

  • $4,800 in low-income weatherization rebates 

Tamarin Square is an excellent example of how to take advantage of all the energy and money savings options LPEA can provide through our rebate programs. If you want to make your home or business more energy-efficient, please get in touch with us.