Multiple outages due to downed trees and inclement weather
Tree down on power line causing outage
Date Published

April 14 - 6:59 PM UDATE

Power has been restored to all areas. Thank you for your patience while our crews worked hard to restore power!

April 14 - 5:27 PM UPDATE

LPEA is experiencing a second outage on the South side of Bayfield, affecting 574 members. Crews are dispatched and working to determine the loss of power so it can be restored quickly. Crews will continue working until all outages are restored.

The Edgemont and Missionary Ridge outage has been restored.

April 14 - 5:01 PM UPDATE

Power has been restored to some members, leaving 143 members still affected. Crews are still working to restore power to the remaining members.

April 14 - 4:38 PM UPDATE

LPEA has been experiencing an outage due to wind and weather causing a tree to fall on the line off County Road 240. The outages started at roughly 3:30 PM today. We currently have 1 outage impacting 901 members. LPEA crews are fully deployed and will work until all power is restored.


We know it is frustrating and scary to be without power, especially with cold weather. We also know it is frustrating not to know how long the outage will last. Unfortunately, LPEA cannot give estimated restoration times because crews don't know the issue until they arrive at each outage location, and restoration times vary widely depending on the cause (e.g., a broken pole vs. an open circuit from lines unloading snow). As a general rule of thumb, we start with the largest outages and work our way down to individual homes.

Though we do our best, no utility company is able to guarantee 100% service. As such, we encourage you to prepare for when the lights do go out. Here are some PRO TIPS to help you weather any LPEA outage.

We apologize for any inconvenience this outage may cause. If you have not already, make sure you are signed up for LPEA's Outage Texting Service to report future outages and receive service restoration updates direct to your mobile phone.

You can also get live updates during outages on our outage map and by following us on Facebook and/or Twitter.